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See what our clients have to say about our staff and services by reading some of the testimonials they sent. If you like to share your experience in working with us, you are more than welcome to send your testimonials.

14 responses to “Testimonials”

  1. Thank you, God’s Storehouse Ministries so much! Because of you, I was able to get my unemployment benefits after many months of waiting.

  2. God’s Storehouse Ministries showed up at a time in our lives when we were at our wits end. They helped me and mine with getting many different benefits during our time of need. We thank you and give God all glory.

  3. You all were there for us and we appreciate you so much! My wife was going through a temporary disability. Being the primary breadwinner for the family, it caused a real hardship on us. Your food donation during the Adopt a Family Program During the Holidays, helped my family and I enjoy our holiday season.

  4. Your representative that came out to speak with our girls did an amazing job! Not only did she capture the girl’s attention, but she provided powerful, uplifting and encouraging messages letting them know that just because they made a mistake, it is not the end.

  5. We found ourselves in dire need as we were rebuilding our lives after a huge loss. After securing housing, God’s Storehouse Ministries provided us with furniture, dishes, pots, pans, bedding, wall-hangings, food, towels and bedding, and so much more! We are eternally grateful! Your Rebuilding Their Lives Program helped us tremendously!

  6. Thank you, God’s Storehouse Ministries for partnering with us during one of our food giveaways. You added the extra by providing clothing items further helping the underserved communities.

  7. Thank you so much for allowing me to work with you in order to get my community service hours needed. I had gotten into some trouble with the courts and your organization was a perfect fit for me. I enjoy helping others less fortunate.

  8. Thank you, God’s Storehouse Ministries, so much for providing prom dresses, jewelry, shoes, and even hairstyles for the young ladies that could not afford these items. We appreciate you so much!

  9. Your donation of arts and crafts items really helped me! During this pandemic, I have looked for ways to positively assist my children. This was a great help! Blessings to your Children Destined to Win Program and prayers for much success.

  10. God’s Storehouse Ministries Children Destined to Win Program helped us keep our children with activities that they thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you so much!

  11. I had the pleasure of attending one of your Meeting of the Minds Networking Events. There I learned so much! It was great from beginning to end.

  12. The Total Woman’s Workshop was amazing! Each presenter gave me nuggets I could walk away with and if applied, my life will be totally changed. Faith, Family, Fitness, and Finances! I absolutely LOVED it! The door prizes were an added extra!

  13. Being apart of the Women Destined to Win International Community has helped build my confidence, increase my self-esteem, and helped me to boldly walk out my purpose. I love our community!

  14. We truly appreciate your coming out to Compton High School speaking to the students regarding business start-ups on Career Day. Many were so excited.

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