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Filling gaps with God’s guidance

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Everywhere in the world, many people have a hard time sustaining their physical, mental, and social needs. We at God’s Storehouse Ministries are committed to helping each one fulfill their needs, protect their wellbeing, and offer opportunities for better living.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to holistically meet the social and spiritual needs of those within our community or connect them with resources that can.

Vision Statement

We believe that every person possesses positive potential, is worthy of God’s love in us, and indeed can be helped to their highest level of functioning.

Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to collaborate, identify, and fill gaps within our respective service areas to collectively meet the needs of those disadvantaged, disenfranchised, and financially unable to acquire items/services needed on their own.


“Having lived for more than 60 years, I have lived through some very tumultuous situations. There were many good and challenging seasons, where I, along with other family members, found ourselves to be in need. The frustration came as I (we) sought help; only to find that the help was not there. Many of us are educated and intelligent people, having worked in various professional arenas. Can you imagine the frustration of those that are not and seek help in their time of need only to experience what we experienced? We came to learn how that felt; it was very painful.

We found ourselves often going to the wrong people trying to obtain the help needed. The frustration we experienced led us to know firsthand that there are gaps within the system that need to be addressed. We lost so much as we did not know where to go for help and who to contact. Some people only offered advice after the fact, when it was too late. We needed to take a more proactive approach. Thus, the formation of God’s Storehouse Ministries began where our main theme is Partnering Together to Help Eradicate Poverty in the Lives of Those We Serve.

God’s Storehouse Ministries’ mission is to holistically meet the social and spiritual needs of those within our community or connect them with resources that can. For us to accomplish our mission, we have identified some gaps in our respective service areas. Serving the disenfranchised, those that find themselves displaced for reasons beyond their control, those dealing with food and housing insufficiency by providing them with information and referral services and aiding through our other programs, will help us accomplish our overall mission. We aim to be the change needed to fill some gaps in areas we serve.

Life has its ups and downs no matter how well one plans. Disasters, sickness, deaths, all can and will take place. We want to be the answer and solution to some of life’s problems when they appear in the lives of those we serve. It is also our desire to take some proactive approaches through educating our youth, young adults, men, and women through our social media pages, in-person activities, empowerment conferences, Children Destined to Win Program, Women Destined to Win International Program, and Men Destined to Win Program, by working holding quarterly, semi-annual, or annual events specifically designed for each group.

In order for us to progress; we need the support of churches, schools, other nonprofits, businesses, banks and credit unions, the judicial system, and so many others. We cannot fully serve the community alone. Partnering with God’s Storehouse Ministries in any way is the gift that keeps on giving as we are changing not only the present lives of those we serve, but generations to come. Your gift of time, talent, and resources are all greatly appreciated and much needed. Together, WE can make it happen. Together, WE can impact lives in more powerful ways. We believe, Together We can!  

We believe every person possesses potential and with a little guidance, assistance, and direction, can become viable productive citizens.”

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