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Coming Soon:  Court Referral Community Service Program

Help A Sistah Out Mentoring Program

This program is designed for girls ages 12 – 18 to empower and equip them to become successful in life. The first part of the mentoring program will be a financial literacy program. In this program, there will be no more than thirty chosen and selected to participate in an eight week, one day a week program designed to teach them on issues as they relate to money matters. The course will consist of 7 weeks of intensive studies with the 8th week culminating in a graduation exercise for the attendees and will cover various topics ranging from why money matters, establishing and maintaining a budget, establishing and maintaining bank accounts, preparing for college, preparing for retirement, etc. The curriculum includes information from “How to Manage Your Money” (Larry Burkett), “Successful Investing & Money Management” (HUME), and “American Credit and Financial Guide” and other financial experts.

The participants will visit one of the local banks and set up account(s) during this eight week period.

There will be three graduating classes each year with the start date to be determined in 2014.

This is a Christian-based program. Biblical principles will be applied in all aspects of the mentoring program. We operate on the foundational scripture—“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6) and hope to remove this through the services we provide.

Etiquette Classes

These classes will be done in partnership with M. Shannon Consulting and geared for ages 5 to 18. More information to follow.

From One Brother to Another Mentoring Program

This program is specifically geared for boys ages 12 – 18 and will include mentoring classes with emphasis on financial literacy and other issues that relate to growing and becoming a man.

The literacy program will follow the same format as that shown under Help A Sistah Out.

Information & Referral Services

We provide basic information and referral services connecting those in need with the resources that can and will assist them.

Furniture, Dishes, Pots, Pan’s, Etc. to Those Rebuilding Their Lives

We will soon provide many necessary household items needed to rebuild after a disaster has struck or when one is financially unable to obtain these on their own and are in the process of rebuilding.

More information forthcoming regarding each of these as we progress.